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Eldarya Episode Nevra 5 Walkthrough

Start Episode:- Ask Miiko for a more decent room. Go to crystal room 1st and then meet bunny girl at hall of guards Choice:Awful... I went to forge and met miiko there, go to hall of doors and meet leiftan Convince several... Continue Reading →


Eldarya Episode 4 Nevra Walkthrough

Start Episode:- This episode start where we left the last one. New Objective:Spy on the others to see what they are saying about you. I went to hall of doors/pentry and saw all the peeps there.They were arguing  or rather insulting... Continue Reading →

Eldarya Episode 1-3 Walkthrough

Episode 1:- So Eldarya is finally out 😀 So I logged in and started my 1st episode (this episode doesn't need a walkthrough) Episode 2:- Then after completing the 1st episode after ages(Eldarya was lagging) I started 2nd one , We can finally... Continue Reading →

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