Start Episode:-

Ask Miiko for a more decent room.

Go to crystal room 1st and then meet bunny girl at hall of guards


I went to forge and met miiko there, go to hall of doors and meet leiftan

Convince several members of the Guard to support you in front of Miiko.

Go to pantry and meet the sea girl there (idk her name)

Meet kero at library

I met nevra at alchemy lab 😀

choose:Well yes,Why would i lie?

I met Ezrael at corridors


I met Valkyon at market place

choose:I dont think hes interested in helping me

I met bunny girl at library (the moment when u waste manas like crazy for a fucking person >.>)

choose any option all are neutral

Return to the Crystal Room to see Miiko.

i choose nevra to redo my room 😛

Walk around HQ or outside to pass the time.

Noooo i hate these kind of objectives,waste of manas T.T im already very poor

i met nevra at my room

valkyon at hall of guards

choose:Maybe u dun want to talk abt it

kero at library

choose:A little bit...