Start Episode:-

At the beginning of episode our candy is talking to alexy about peggy.

New objective: Talk to Peggy about her last article.

I met Lysander at class a

Lysander and Candy

“Still no news from Castiel?”

 “I never said I hadn’t heard from him. He’s fine, that’s all there is to know.”

“Why hasn’t he come back to school then?”

 “Because he needs some time to himself.”

“But he is skipping class! He is going to get into trouble!”

 “Have you already tried to explain something to Castiel when he’s already decided that he is right?”

“Uh…yeah, when Deborah was still here.”

 “And how did that end up?”


 “So, you should understand why I’m not insisting with him.”

(So, he has a bad temper even with his best friend…)

“If I was absent, would you worry about me as much?”

“Of course! Even more!”

‘’Don’t exaggerate.’’

‘’But it’s true! Castiel is skipping class, that’s one thing, but you being absent, that’s a whole other story!’’

‘‘Why’s that?’’

“You aren’t the type to miss classes over nothing.”

“Nathaniel was sick after the concert, you weren’t really worried about him, and he is very focused on his studies.”

“Yes, but… It’s not the same for you.”

(he got a little closer to me)

‘’If you were absent, I would worry about you too.’’

(He left.)

I met iris at hall 2,armin at gardening club,rose at 1st floor and finally peggy at student council room

New objective: Move once more to unlock a new dialogue.

Move just once more and meet nath to unlock the dialogue and next objective.

New objective: Go to the courtyard to go home.

Leave school

New objective: Go to the park or the Coffee Shop before going home.

I met kentin at park entrance.

New objective: Go home.

Go to park>outside my flat and meet castile there and then go to my bedroom

 New Objective:Go see Rosalie and Castiel.

i met then at courtyard or hall 2 or hall 1

New Objective:Leave the room.

leave the room

New Objective:Ask Castiel what the headmistress told him.

I met castiel at hall 1 or courtyard or hall 2

New Objective:Go to the courtyard to join Rosalie.

go to courtyard

New Objective:Go to the Clothes Shop in the game with Rosalie.

go to coffee shop>>park entrance>>shops

New Objective:Go home

go to outside my flat

New Objective:Unlock a dialogue with Castiel.

I met castiel at courtyard

New Objective:Unlock a dialogue with Nathaniel.

i met nath at class a

New:Objective:Unlock a dialogue with Lysander.

i met lysander at hall 1

New Objective:Unlock a dialogue with Armin.

i met armin at hall 1

New Objective:Unlock a dialogue with Kentin.

i met ken at courtyard

New Objective:Move once.

move once 

New Objective:Unlock a new sequence

Go to hall 2

New Objective:Go into town to find out more about Nathaniel.

I went to coffee shop>>park entrance>>shops and met math there with rose

New Objective:Go home

go to outsdie my flat

New Objective:Move around the school to unlock a new dialogue.

Go to hall 2

Follow the following objectives as they are:-

Go to the staircase.

Go upstairs

Go downstairs and back to the hall.

Follow Peggy to Classroom B.

Go back to the Science lab with the boys.

Go to the courtyard to hand over the rabbits to the other students.

Go back to see the girls at school

I met rose and violette at hall 1

Unlock a new dialogue

I met lysander at hall 2

Go to the science classroom with the boy you are with

go to staircase>>1st floor>>science lab

hue hue hue cute moment with lysander :3

See how things evolve

I met alexy and armin at hall 1,lysander at hall 2, kim and violette at staircase,

New Objective:Go to the teachers’ lounge.

Go to main hall

New objective: Unlock a final dialogue to finish the episode.

Go to staircase

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