I have a feeling that this episode is gonna be full of Drama 😀 FINALLY

Start Episode:-

So we decided to talk in my (candys) room so we went to search for lysander

i met melody or at class a

Then i went to hall 2 and met castiel there and i ignored him v-v and

then i met armin at hall 2 again 

Armin and Candy

“I just saw Lysander. He told me what happened with Deborah… He said you weren’t doing too well.”

“He didn’t have to say anything about that…”

He didn’t do it to be mean, I’m sure, he seemed a bit bothered.”

(Bothered? I wonder why…maybe because he took me in his arms…) “You believe us then? About Deborah?”

“Yeah… I wasn’t too smart before, I should have listened to what you had to say before assuming anything… Well, I didn’t hate you or anything, so I guess it’s not that big a deal… Right?”

“I did think that you would trust me, so I was a bit disappointed…”

 “I’ll find a way to make you forgive me!”

“Oh yeah? How’s that?”

“I don’t know yet, give me the time to find some ideas!”


“I’m still happy you finally opened your eyes!”

“Good! What are you going to do now?”

“Uh, well…Rosalya has a plan, we are going to meet at my place to talk about it. Do you want to come?”

 “Go to your place to talk about an attack plan? Of course I’m in! This will be fun!”

“Of course, if you want! (With Lysander, that will make two boys in my room…good thing my mom isn’t he suspicious type.)”

“Should I go now, or do I have the time to talk to Alexy beforehand? I still haven’t told him what happened with Deborah, and seeing as he seemed to be on her side, I should really let him know.”

“You can go tell him, I still haven’t told Lysander. Here, take my address in case. (I gave him my street and number).”

 “Okay, see you later! I’ll hurry!”

Then i went to hall 2 and met the devil and she blah blah blahed 

Then i met ken at staircase or hall 2 and we talked and our candy invited ken to her place too xD

Then i met the devil in hall 2 again 

I met nath at staircase

Candy and Nathaniel

“Candy, listen… I’m… I’m sorry.”

“About what?”

“You know what I’m talking about…”

“Oh, you mean, ‘sorry for having acted like a big loser and abandoning you just to maintain my pride?’”


“If that’s what you wanted to say, then I forgive you.”

 “Are you saying that I’m a jerk?”

“No, I’m sorry, I got a little carried away…”

“But, you know, that’s what I was… a real jerk.”

“The most important is that you realize it.”’

“Sorry for not having done it before this…I could’ve saved you alot of trouble”

“We’ll just say that it was your mistake for the year!”

“If only that was the first one…”

(He seems really sorry…)

“Actually, Rosa wants to talk about a plan to catch Deborah, and we are meeting at my place, do you want to come?”

 “Why not. It’ll always be better than waiting around for something to happen!”

“Great! I’ll give you my address just in case.”

“Thanks, should I join you directly?”

“As you like! You can wait in front of the school. I just have to see Lysander and then we can go.”

I met lysander at staircase 😀

IMPORTANT NOTE:- If you want extra dialogue with lysander you can lay the framed pic of lysander rosalie gave u in ur dresser,for nath and castel lay their pics and for ken lay the teddy bear he gave u

Candy and Lysander

“Ah! Here you are!”

“You look like you’re feeling better.”

“Yeah! I just ran into the others who belive me now! They are even coming to my place!”

 “At your place? Why are you inviting guys at your place?”

(Explain him the situation)

“Rosalya has an idea to catch Deborah, do you remember? She wanted to talk to me about it when you left us.”

“…Yes, it was. And you are meeting as your place to talk about it?”

“Right now, actually! Do you want to come too?”

“Of course. It would be my pleasure.”

(I have a feeling that everyone thinks that I’m having a party at my house or something.) Are you coming? I told everyone to meet at my place, they’re going to be waiting for us!”

“I have something to do before I come, can I meet you later?”

“Oh, yeah, if you want…here is my address!”

New objective:Go to the courtyard to leave the school.

I met rose at buss stop and armin at coffee shop and he was angry O;

answer:-You don’t like Kim Possible? I like it…

answer:-But he hasn’t been himslef lately…it’s not normal that he believe Deborah and not his friend or brother…

Then we went to the park

then we went to the shop then outside my flat and then corner shop and met nina there -.- (I have a bad feeling) then our candy got everything and payed $35  

Then we met ken and nath outside my flat and we finally went in our candys home

Answer nath:-It’s so I can read before I go to sleep!

and omg rose scolded our candy about how messy the closet is O: and she said something weird and omg every1s awkward O:


New objective:Lysander hasn’t arrived at your place yet. Go in front of the school to see if he isn’t waiting there..

Then i went out to look for lysander and met nina again(shes a stalker 0-0)

answer:-If that makes you happy...

Go to –Shops-park entrance-coffee shop-in front of collage

No trace of him O: is he lost

New objective:He isn’t in front of the school, try to find him around your apartment.

Go to –coffe shop-park entrance-shops-park

Lysander and Candy:-

I’m sorry I got lost…”

“I noticed! I’ve been looking for you for a while! (I found him before Nina!.)”

“I walked around the neighborhood before I remembered that the best way to be found when you’re lost is to stop moving and wait.”

“That did save us some time, yes!”

Sorry… I couldn’t find the paper you gave me with your address on it.”

“That’s normal, you dropped it. I found it earlier.”

You seem to find everything I lose.”

“It must be a sign!”

“A sign?”

“Yes! A sign that we complete each other! You lose things, and I find them!”

“I like the way you see things…”

 “In any case, I know what to get you for your birthday.”


“A GPS!”

“You could do a joint gift with my brother then, he wanted to get me one too!”

“Ha! We’ll see! Are you coming? The others are waiting for us!”

New objective:Now that you are with Lysander, return in front of your apartment .

“Here we are!”


(here we go,its Nina my enemy -.-)

New objective:Don’t waste anymore time and go to your room in the game!.

Choice: (Take Lysander by the arm and move him away.)

Omg omg  hes blushing,kyaaaaa


She challenged meh O; I accept yas this means war (sound of lightning)


Go to your bedroom                           

Gawd this is embarrassing


Gasp and he said something that made my heart leap x-x (dead) and then he end up blushing himself.

Now finally,were down to business.Rose talked about her plan and we all agreed 🙂

New objective:Go in front of your apartment building to say goodbye to your friends

Go out

So what do you want to do tomorrow?
  • Help find Leigh’s suit.  (nath/Kentin)
  • Look up information about managers at school.  (Lysander/Armin)

Tbh I wanted to help find leighs suit but for the sake of staying with ma love I had to go to skool

Everyone went Home and then the next day at collage

New Objective: Go to the college to unlock a new dialogue with the boys

Go to main hall,meet Lysander and armin there,now to go hall 2 and meet violette there then go to staircase-1st floor

We met headmistress there O: shes angry and she told us to go back >.<

Go back to staircase.(Armin exploded)

 New Objective: Go back to the courtyard and wait for the headmistress to leave.

Choice ; (get closer to Lysander)

I hope that the headmistress will go home soon…

Me too! I would never have thought that she wouldn’t let me go upstairs because of this whole ordeal…

She doesn’t want any mayhem in her establishment…her reaction is normal.

 You mean to say I’m  bad seed…

I didn’t really appreciate that either, I’ll have to admit…

I hope one day that she will realise that she made a mistake!

Besides convincing Amber to admit that it was her, I don’t see how. Just tell yourself that you didn’t do anything, that’s the most important thing. You are a good person.

 Thanks Lysander!

I went to courtyard  and waited till the fat hag left

New objective: The second floor is empty, go back!

There we decided to go to media room to search with Gooble (wth xD) and we found out everything we needed.

New objective: Unlock a new dialogue with the boys.

Go to courtyard to unlock a new dialogue and take the bus to go home which costs 5 AP (wtf y?) well I chose the bus option (want to save ma ap) now our candy wants to change her look so she bought this


New Objective:Go in front of your flat to finish the day

Then she automatically went into her room and finished the day.

New Objective: Ask Rosalie if she has everything she needs

I met nath at main hall and he told me where rose could be.

Choice: Read the police novel.

I went to student council and met armin there then back at main hall I met peggy and our candy told her how mean she is.

Then I met Lysander at class a

Lysander and candy:-

(Hes writing something in a notebook)

(look over his shoulder)                 (don’t choose this if ur lov meter is less then 50)

(I leaned over his shoulder and put one hand on him.)

What are you doing?

I’m trying to read what you are writing!

I wasn’t writing anything, I was trying to draw.

Ha ha! I can see that! (There is a stick figure evolution drawn in his notebook.)

Don’t make fun of it! I did my best!

What did you want to draw?

What I had on my mind.

What were you thinking about when you drew that?



No one in particular!           (y r u blushing then xD)

 Then I met kim at main hall,then castile at courtyard,amber at main hall, ken at mainhall and violette at courtyard.Then after wasting all of my aps I met rose at garden >.> y didn’t I look there earlier.

New Objective:Go walk around collage until something happens.

I met castile at main hall and we argued  then  I went to hall 2 and some grabbed my hand and pull me inside a class (spoiler it was alexy and he told me how he believes me but never got a chance to tell me)

New Objective:Talk to Armin.  

 I met violette at staircase and armin at main hall

New objective: Go back to the courtyard to leave college.

Go to coffee shop>park enterance>park and meet rose,leigh and discuss the plan.

New objective: Go to your bedroom in the game to go on to the next day.

Go to outside my flat

New objective:Tell alexy about plain!

I met alexy at hall 2 and drag him in class A and discuss plan with him.

New objective: Join Armin and Rosalie in the hallway.

I met armin and rose at main hall.

Choose:Come with us anyway

Go to hall 2. Ohohoho the real drama

Choose:move over to let her see

Rose snapped O; so we ran to the courtyard

New objective: Go back to the hallway to continue listening to Debbie.

Go back to hall 2

New objective:Follow Deborah to overhear her phone conversation.

I met nath at main hall,and Deborah at class A and auntie at class B,she gave me a bat

She was talking to her manager (spoiler:the manager and she argued and she turned around and spotted candy)

New objective: Leave the room.

Go to main hall (more drama xD)

New objective: RUN!

Go to hall 2 and then the game will take u to teacher lounge, then go back to hall 2 and more drama ofc


y u cry after doing that to mehhhh, Im the victim here

New objective: It’s better not to leave Castiel alone, go talk to him.

 I met iris at main hall,and violette at main hall ,amber at courtyard,kim at main hall,Lysander at hall 2 two times,and finally castile at gym(I chose insist for cg ).

New objective: Find where your hour of detention will take place.

I found mr faraize in main hall

New objective: Go to Classroom A to finish the episode!

And then ull have a cute moment with ur friends :3

End Episode

I hope my guides help u, I try to tell almost every move i make so i hope it helps save ur aps 😀