Start Episode:-

I met Deborah at the start of episode -.-

Deborah and candy


“I’m excited to see you! We had fun yesterday, didn’t we?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You don’t have a very good memory… We had fun yesterday in the basement. Don’t you remember?”


“Ha ha! Now you must be kidding with me! You are really funny! I’m really happy that we are friends now! “

“‘Friends?’ YOU have got to be kidding with me, now!”

“Calm down, you are going to scare Violette and Iris… I know you are kidding, but they might wonder what is going on! You are a really good actress, you know?! One might even think that you really hate me!”


“Is something wrong? You have a funny look on your face.”

I chose  “(Tell her the truth)”.

“Cut that out! I’m not going to make it easy on you by pretending that we are best friends.”

“Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed today…”

“Don’t act surprised!”

“I can’t even tell if you are kidding or not. If I’ve done something wrong, I hope you’ll forgive me, it wasn’t my intention… I’ll come back when you are feeling better, ok?”

 (What am I going to do now? Deborah has clearly decided to continue acting as if nothing happened yesterday. She told me to keep quiet about it, but if I tell the others, I’m sure they will believe me…)

“Tell the others.”   (I chose)

(I can’t do anything alone this time, and I need to tell the others. I don’t want her to use them like she used Castiel!)


New objective:Go try and warn the other students.

I tried warning Melody but shes blind af -.- (main hallway)

Then I met alexy and told him about what Debora said but hes a lost cause >.>

Then I met violette  at main hallway but shes a lost cause too >.>

I finally ran into Lysander at hall 2 (kyaaaaa omg I love u bae<3)

Lysander and candy

“Hello. I finally got a hold of Castiel last night. He isn’t going to leave for now, but… he isn’t sure about a few things. I have to admit that I didn’t really understand him.”

“Oh yeah? Is he here today? Did he say why he was absent yesterday?”

“He was just a little tired after the concert. He is going to be here later today. The longer you stay in bed, the harder it is to get out!”

“Maybe his bed is overly possessive…”

“It seems to be that way for lots of people.”

“Not you?”

“No, I always forget to turn off my alarm on the weekends, so, no matter what, I’m always up before 8 am! “

“Ha ha, that’s unlucky!”

(I didn’t tell him about Debbie o well ill do that another time)

I met kim at main hallway but she dont understand either………….Shes a LIER kim


Then I met Deborah, Violette, Alexy, at class A


(Now what?)

“They told me everything … I… You can’t even imagine how I feel right now!”

“What did who tell you? That I, unlike others, am not a liar?”

“You keep doing it! In front of everyone! Ooooohhh…”

 “You are horrible! I thought we were friends! You said such horrible things about me behind my back… I would rather not talk to you!”

“Cut the act, Deborah! You are ridiculous!”

Violette: “__, please stop… you aren’t helping anything.”

“But OMG she is just pretending! Look!”

Alexy: “What’s going on?”

(I’ve got to stop this, everyone is going to think I’m a monster!)

I chose(Get the truth out there once and for all)

“And if we go and talk to Nathaniel about this? What would he say?”

“N-Nathaniel is on his sister’s side… And she hates me even more than you!”

(That’s all she’s got?)

Alexy: “­­__, stop it now. Can’t you see that you are hurting her?”

“But I’m just trying to tell you the truth!”


“Don’t look at me like that, Alexy! You know me, you know very well that I wouldn’t lie about something like this…”

Alexy: “… Come on Deborah, let’s go sit down.”


(Everyone left, glaring at me. Deborah smiled at me, but no one else noticed.)

(I turned and ran to the courtyard)

omg this is horrible O:


New objective:Go to the locker room to unlock a dialogue..

I met Lyasnder (my love) there:

Lysander and candy

 (I laid down on a bench. I want to cry. Why is this happening to me?)

“I’ve never seen you this pale… Something happened to you, right?”

“No, don’t worry, everything is alright.”

“Are you sure?”

(Tell him everything)

“I knew something was wrong… And everyone is on Deborah’s side?”

“Yeah, even Violette and Alexy…”

“She managed to play the situation to her advantage… I can imagine that even I would have gotten pulled in.”

“I doubt it, you are someone who thinks before they act.”

“Thanks…”                    (Omg I live for that smile <3)

“You should go home and rest… Tomorrow this whole thing will just be another story from the past, I’m sure of it.”

“Not me…if I go, she is going to continue lying to people about me…”

blah blah blah

“And you think you are going to stop her by hiding in the locker room?”

“…I can never go back into that school…”

“So, go home and rest. Come back tomorrow feeling all better. Okay?”


“Glad to hear it.”

“Thanks, Lysander…I don’t know what I would do without you.”

“You would have just stayed here until the end of class. I’ve saved you from an afternoon of sad thoughts in the company of empty lockers.”

“And that’s a lot, trust me!”

Awwwww hes such a sweet heart T.T no wonder I love him


New objective:Return to the courtyard.

Rosalya, Candy

“You know, I heard some stuff about you that doesn’t make you look very good!”

“No, Rosalya, it’s not what you think…”

“You helped me get through a rough patch with Leigh… among other things, so I have my doubts. I would like to hear your version of the story.”

“Thanks… (tell the story…again…)”

Finally someone(other than Lysander) heres for me

“What a little pest!”

“Do you still believe me?”

“That’s so crazy that you couldn’t have made it up!”

FINALLY someone believes me.

“You’ll have to be delicate with this one… To get her good, you will have to figure out her weak spot.”

“You want to hurt her?”

“No, just beat her at her own game… But we need to find out which cards she has in her hands… I’ll have to lead a little investigation!”

“I already did that, and trust me, there’s nothing to say…”

“You weren’t looking in the right places, that’s all! Leave it to the expert! Do you want to come with me?”

“Lysander suggested that I go home and rest…”

“Ah, he isn’t wrong… Alright then, see you tomorrow!”

“Yeah, see you.”

So our candy went to shopping before going home for a change.Omg the cloths r super cute xcpt for those shoes



New objective:Find Rosalya to find out if she found anymore information about Deborah..

I met Alexy at main hallway but he ignored meh T.T( y alexy  y) then I met violette again at main hallway and iris at courtyard

Then I met armin at the courtyard

Armin, Candy

“There’s the little torturer!”


“Are you going to torture anyone else today?”


“C’mon! Say something! Anything, even a comeback! I don’t know… defend yourself!”

“I don’t really feel like arguing about that…”

“So, you were really mean with Diala?”

“…Are you doing that on purpose?”

“So, you were really mean with Diala?”

“Sorry, I’m a bit…irritated”

“For sure, it must be nice to have half of the school angry at you!”

“You are really comforting me here, Armin, thanks…why aren’t you angry with me? You don’t believe Deborah?”

“Huh? Of course. We had fights like this all the time in our old school. So I know that even the nicest girls can go crazy one day or another… Yesterday was your day, that’s all! You were in furious mode!”

(I’m not sure if I like that…)

I met deborah at courtyard

UGH The devil is here >.> and then she bah blah blahed and left

Kentin, Candy (at gim)

“I didn’t hear anything good about you today.”

“I don’t really want to talk about it…”

“Me neither, I just wanted to let you know that I know.”

“I could have done without that…”

“…You’re not doing so well then?”

“How could I be doing well, everyone is ignoring me?”

“You shouldn’t have created the situation then.”

(I never tried to!!)

I met rosalya at class b

Rosalya, Candy

“Ah, Rosalya, here you are! So, did you find something? Do you know what to do?”

“…I was concentrated on something else this morning, sorry.”

“Something else?”

“Did you see Castiel this morning?”

“Not yet..”

“Wait to see him, then you’ll understand…”

“What do you mean? (Someone came into the classroom at that very moment)”

Omg castile O:

“What are you looking at?”    

“Don’t tell me that you changed your look to please your ex? You aren’t that stupid, right?!”

“I can change my style when I want, and it has nothing to do with that girl at school.” 

 “Oh, right, of course…”

“I don’t see why I’m talking to the both of you. Just stop bothering me, okay?”

“Bothering you?”

“Or just get lost…” 

 “‘Get lost?”


“I’m not going anywhere! If you don’t want to see us, you can ‘get lost’ in another room!”

“I’m meeting someone here…”

(‘someone? Oh gawd its prolly Deborah  ._.)

“Normally I’m not against your little jokes, but now is not the time, I need to talk business. Get out of here. The school is big, go whine somewhere else.”


“Just get out, alright!”

Then I met rose at hallway 2 and she talked about what she found about deborah so far

I found castile  at courtyard.


 “So, what did she want?”

“And how is that your business?”

“I’m worried, that’s all…I know that Deborah already hurt you.”

“I can handle it myself, unlike others, don’t worry about me.”

“But…you are my friend.”

“I can still take care of myself. And I didn’t appreciate what I heard about you yesterday.”

“It’s not what you think…”

“So do you think we’re idiots”

“No No thats not what I mean”

(He doesn’t believe me…)


New objective:Talk to Nathaniel:-

I met Lyasnder at courtyard 

Lysander, Candy

“Have you seen Castiel today?”

“Yeah…he changed his look.”

“He doesn’t look too at ease. I think that seeing that girl bothered him more than he thought it would.”

“As long as he doesn’t fall back into her arms…”

“That would be stupid of him… He was in really bad shape when she left. If I were him, I wouldn’t try it again. But enough about him. What’s going on with you? Are you feeling better? Less stressed?”

“How could anything have changed…”

“Well, you aren’t alone. Rosalya and I are here.”

“Oh, she told you.”

“She told leigh and as I talk about you a lot he told me”

“What?You talk about me?”

“Y-yeah,I mean……A little….but that’s not the question”

“(Oh,he is all red…)”


                   ( look at that blushing face so cute)

“If you want to beat her, you’ll have to be as sure of yourself as she is. Or just ignore her… I would do the latter without hesitation.”

“But you don’t really care too much about what other people think…”

“And when I see in what state it puts you, I’m reassured of my choices!”


I met ken at class A

Kentin, Candy


“Say, Kentin…would you get back with your ex if she came to ask you?”

“My ex? But I don’t have an ex…I’ve never had an…”

“You’ve never had a girlfriend?”

“…B-Because I didn’t want one!”

“I can imagine…you are hot now, girls must ask you out all the time…Like with Amber.”

“That was just revenge, I didn’t go out with her…”

I went out of class A and then went in class A again and met armin

Armin, Candy


“What happened to Castiel? He wanted to pull a “Kentin”? If that’s the case, his level-up is a total fail!”

“He wanted to change his look for…someone.”

“He has a brother that forces him to go shopping too?”

“No, it’s for something else. And he is an only child.”

“That’s unlucky. He must be bored to death alone with his parents.”

“He isn’t with his parent either. They are abroad.”

“Seriously? He lives alone?”

“Not exactly, he has a dog.”

“Ha ha! That explains everything now! That’s why he isn’t so good with people.”

“Don’t make fun, it’s not his fault.”

“You don’t disagree with me, so you must think the same, ha ha!”


I met auntie at lockers room and she gave me a chocolate necklace its so cute O:

I heard violette and iris talking about meh (candy) at student council president office,

After searching the whole world and WASTING my aps I finnaly found Nathaniel at the gim

Nathaniel, Candy

“Finally! I’ve been looking for you for hours!”

“Oh? Do you need my help?”

“How did you guess?”

“If you’ve been looking for me for a while, it’s usually because you have something to ask me.”

“I could have just wanted to see you…plus you have been out for a few days”

“Everyone can get sick, even me.”

“Was it serious?”

“I wasn’t away too long, so no. I think I put too much energy into the concert.”

“Ha ha, I bet.”

“What did you want to ask me?”

“I don’t know if you know, but Deborah is back…”

“Melody let me know. She also told me to steer clear of you.”

“People don’t like me now, yeah. Deborah lied to everyone about me.”

“…And why are you talking to me about it?”

“She told me what happened before she left the school last time.”

“Why did she do that?”

“I didn’t trust her, and she wanted to play it straight.”

“That way, your story is so big that no one would believe you… She is still up to the same tricks from what I can see.”

“Yeah! So I was thinking that you could help me to expose the truth.”

“Do you know what I had to go through because of her? Do you know what it feels like to be truly hated by someone when you didn’t do anything to them?”

“Yeah, since yesterday…”

“So, here’s my advice: if you want to avoid a catastrophe, ignore her. And ignore the jerks who believed her. If they want to believe that little pest, that is their problem, not yours.”

“But I can’t ignore that! It would mean that she has won!”

“But she already did win.”

“Nathaniel, please, I can’t do this alone…”

“Even with my help you couldn’t change anything. Forget this whole story and just play it cool. See it as an occasion to concentrate a bit more on your studies.”

“But…Castiel…we can’t let him get tricked again!”

“That would be the only thing positive that can come from the return of that pest… He’ll get whats coming to him again. Hopefully, it will teach him a lesson.”


“And don’t try to get me involved in anything having to do with that girl again. I’ve already had enough of her.”


(If I want to get any further, I’m going to need to find another ally…but who else could have a reason to hate Deborah? She didn’t hurt anyone on purpose besides Nathaniel and I…Oh Man Amber! She hates EVERYONE! There’s my Ally!….wow, for about half of a second, I thought Amber was nice…)


New objective:Talk to Amber.

I met ken at class a

Kentin, Candy

“Have you seen Amber?”

“Amber? You are looking for Amber?”


“You are like her now, so you want to become her friend?”

“No, that’s not what it’s about!”

“Then why?”

“It’s…it’s my business!”

“Careful… Lots of people are watching you. If they see you being nice to Amber, you’re done for.”

Then i met lysander at main hall (choose:-The enemy of my enemy is my friends)and castiel at student council and asked them where amber was and they all warned me xD

Then finally I met amber at class A but she wont cooperate


New objective:Try to find another idea by going to the school

I met nath at main hall

Nath and candy

“And just after you go see my sister to ask her for help!?”

“But it concerns your sister, not you…”

Not gonna write the whole dialogue xcpt for the choice 1 (too lazy)

Then after that i met iris at class a and kin at student council and then peggy at stair case 


New objective:Talk to Iris and buy a voice recorder at the Dollar Shop.

I bought the recorder and met iris at class a and made her a bit happier (my plus point finally) then i went into student council and talked to myself and then got a new obj


New objective:Find Deborah and try to trap her.

Muhahahahahah this is going to be fun

I met castiel at class a

Castiel, Candy

“Did you read Peggy’s article?”

“Yes, why?”

“It’s the first time since her article about Amber and I that I’m mentioned in the paper. It’s weird.”

“She often writes about my “adventures…”

“At the same time, there’s enough information there to write a book. You can’t hate her for that.”

After wasting so much aps i met Armin at hall 2 or staircase

answer:Hes so sensitive.

Then i met Deborah at class a or class b and T.T (SPOILER:-it failed) I have a bad feeling


New objective:Find Deborah, quick!

I went out of the class and met castiel at main hall and he told me to leave deborah alone O; Then i met kentin at hall 2 and he told me where debbie is and then i went to staircase (gawd y peggy T.T) Then i saw amber and her friends at hall 2


New objective:Try to see what Amber and her friends are preparing. Head to the main hallway.

I met nath at staircase and i ignored him then i met castiel at staircase and we talked :-

answer:As long as u dont fall back into her arms,everything will be ok

I went back at staircase and chased amber and omg a new place :O


 I stopped them from what they were gonna do and gawd things got out of our candys hands (i wanna cry)


New objective:Go to the hallways to go to the teachers’ lounge.


 I went ot the main hall and gawd noooo this shouldnt be happening Y.Y


New objective:Go back to the hallway.

I met castiel there and he lashed out at our candy


New objective:Find Castiel near the staircase.

Our poor candy cried while explaining castiel , how can u make her cry castiel


New objective:Go to the College to unlock the final dialogue!.

I went to main hall and met Lysander there (finally some1 i wanted to meet) and aww he hugged meh Y.Y yaayayayay and our candy looks so fugly in the cg >.> then rose came and told me that she has a plan to get back at debbie and said we should talk about it somewhere else and i said ok and the EPISODE ENDED

Seriously it was pretty intrsting episode so far

Lets meet again in the next episode peeps,Till then byeeeeee ❤