Episode 1:-

So Eldarya is finally out 😀

So I logged in and started my 1st episode (this episode doesn’t need a walkthrough)

Episode 2:-

Then after completing the 1st episode after ages(Eldarya was lagging) I started 2nd one , We can finally move around like in sweet crush xD

I got 3 choices

  • The exit is surely to the left             (meet Nevra )
  • (should go up stairs…)                     (meet Valkyon )
  • (should try the right door)                (nothing)

and I chose:-

(The exit will surely be on the left  )

And met this dude:-


Then after freaking out and all our candy I mean our character reached this place again:-


I went to the pantry and chose:-

Take some food

I met this person when I tried taking the food:-


Then our character get accused of stealing food xD and then they asked me to give them back some kind of tear O: (idk what that is ppl don’t confuse meh) and that black haired girl was being so mean Y.Y

Then they asked me about my story and I got 3 choices

1-I don’t know where to start

2-(I don’t know what to say)

3-M-My name is uh..

Apparently all the answers are neutral so chose any of them.

Here we are just exploring Eldarya:-

So now we have to search for food (the stolen food) I went to hall of doors then hall of guards,there the horn dude explained what guards of EL  are.I went to crystal room and then back to hall of guards  and he explained some more.Then I went to hall of doors again xD

The horn dude asked me a question and I answered:-

The guard that keep track of all other guards.

Then I went to forge and after that the horn dude (Kero) took me to a new place,I went to refuge of El and there they show me how to find hidden object.Then we returned to HQ.Then I went to pantry,there we met Ezrael and we talked and went to hall of guards and then crystal room. A new dude O:

e6  (Leiftan)

so there we talked to miiko and she agreed to not put me in the cell and we talked and the EPISODE ENDED

so these are the ppl we met in Eldarya so far:-


and that Jamon and leiftan

Episode 3:-

Then i started the next episode


Now here we have to become a part of guards of EL so our character is gonna take a test Now from here on our action reduces our manas (like aps in my candy love)

     e9 Theses are manas

New Objective: Find the boys to meet them before answering Keroshane’s questionnaire. Careful, don’t let yourself be influenced!

I went to hall of guards and met Nerva there,Then we went to hall of doors and met Ezarel there then I went in forge and back to hall of doors and met valkyon there, and then we head for the library 

Now time for the TEST :0 Its like a personality test 


To Join Shadow Guard:-   (with Nerva)

Noon,pillow,stay at home,flee,wreker,coffe grains,honey,triads,again miiko,shadow guard

For Obsidian Guard:-      (with Valkyon)

Dusk,My courage and my knife, the gem mines,my courage and knives,blemmyes,wood ashes,bread,templars,always miiko,obsidian guard

For Absynthe Guard:- (with Ezarel)

Dawn,spicy melon,library of Alexandra,appease it,redcap,purified water,honey,Illuminati,miiko,absynthe guard

After that,they explain about ranking system and companions

New Objective:Go to Kero’s room to complete the Companion questionnaire.

go to hall of doors,then hall of guards

  • Escape as quickly as possible (Valkyon )
  • wait for kuro to come back (Ezarel )
  • Pace around (Nevra )    i chose this

Now for another test O:

For Corko:-


The sweetened egg,small,it is affectionate,leave it with friend,minimum time

For Becola:-


bamboo shoot,small pet,affection,nursery,time it takes

For Sabali:-


cotton flower,cute pet,fast,can take care of itself,minimum

Then they’ll tell about how to raise our pet i mean companion xD and about daily quests and stuff.. so now after all the tutorials i got a new objective

New Objective:Go talk with the boys!

I went to hall of doors and met Ezarel there,Nevra at pantry (I replied:Maybe its just a chance)Then wasting my manas i finally met Valkyon at hall of doors.and none of them gave me a mission:/

I went to hall of guards or hall of doors and met kero with a kid named mery


New Objective:Find Kero to obtain more information about Companions

Go to hall of doors and then market place(meet kero there).Here is the tutorial for purchasing items.

New Objective:Find how to go to the exterior plains and search for the Companion.

I went in HQ and met Ezrael there,i went to hall of guards and back to hall of doors and met Nevra and hes going to accompany me until i find the companion .

GO TO  Marketplace -Refuge of EL – central pavilion-path of arches -Grand Gate

You’ll get choices here,choose whatever u want,the love meter wont change.

New Objective:Find Kuro to tell him the”BAD NEWS”

Well we couldent find the companion in burrow so go back to path of arches-central pavilion-refuge of El , i met kero there and then mery snapped there O: so we decided to give him a new companion.

Go to shops then this shop:-


Then go to bait and buy this:-


New Objective:Catch a Crylasm and bring it to Mery.

Then go to ur companion and send it for exploring and then itll find a baby sheep thingy and catch it according to the instructions.

Go to – central pavilion-path of arches and meet mery there,go to that shop again and buy:


give it to mery and he’ll give u something in return.

New Objective:Find someone from the Guard of El and tell them about the piece of crystal.

I went to central pavilion and met nevra there:


  • show the crystal          (I chose)
  • dont show

Nevra praised me 🙂 and took me to crystal room and the EPISODE ENDED 


see u guys in next episode walkthrough ^-^